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Ying Li
Expert Information
Name:Ying Li
Title:Senior Engineer
Industry:Aviation Machinery
Now Engaged in: Process Management and Design
Unit:AVIC Xi'an Aviation Power Control Technology CO.,
Consulting fees:1500RMB/Hour


  • Being a technician, technical manager, and an expert of aviation system technology in AECC after graduation from college.
  • A member of Technical Committee for National Screw Thread Standardization(SAC/TC108).
  • A member of Technical Committee for National Machine Axis and Attachment Standardization(SAC/TC109).
  • A member of Technical Committee for Standardization of National Technical Product Documentation.


  • Process design and management. She involved in making many National Technological Standard (technical rules for 3D drawing of mechanical product and national standard for 3D drawing management of mechanical product), National Military Standard (grading and definition of GJB8276 equipment manufacturing maturity and assessment process of GJB8277 equipment manufacturing maturity), and explanation GB24737GB24736 standard of process management.
  • Design for measuring tools of air product. She has unique understanding and achievements in measuring of involute spline(national standard, American standard, and United Kingdomstandard), triangle spline(united kingdomstandard), general and unified thread, and components, which drew up many standards of related industry and company standards.


  • Several national patents in 5 years.
  • Two items of third prize of the Technology Progress Award from Aviation Industry Corporation of China.
  •  The excellence award of aviation outstanding paper many times.
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