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The Initial Training Seminar for China AOMENG Nationwide Cooperative Service Center Held in Taiyuan

2015-03-16 10:48

The initial training seminar for China AOMENG nationwide cooperative service centers is held solemnly in Taiyuan on February 13th,2015.cooperative service center representatives from all around the country attend this seminar. This seminar is aimed to guide general managers and main staff of offline service centers to perfect system process and give excellence service to our customer. President Yongbo, Yang, vice general manager Peng Yao, vice general manager Hong Gao and person in charge of every functional modules of China AOMENG Network give lessons to them.

In the conference, the president Yongbo, Yang give all the representatives a detailed induction about the positioning and business strategy of China AOMENG Network, and make the keynote speech Industrial Manufacturing and Internet Thinking, which aroused strong reaction to the representatives. After that, vice general manager Mr. Yao explains The Operating Guide of Service Centers in detail to direct offline service centers.

This seminar marked that O2O model of China AOMENG Network is in full swing. We believe that the aircraft carrier of China manufacturing industry will sail out with the unremitting effort of the leaders at all levels and all the staff of China AOMENG Network and close coordination with offline service centers.




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