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Electromagnetic Brake



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Electromagnetic Brake,according to different braking principles,are divided into  electromagnetic power lost brake and powered electromagnetic brake.Simply, electromagnetic power lost brake will brake when a power-cut occurs,and powered electromagnetic brake will brake when power is on.


MTZ1 is electromagnetic power lost brake,which namely fricative braking device automatically set to working by a spring when a power-cut occurs.It mainly matchs Y motor into YEJ electromagnetic brake 3-phase motors. Electromagnetic power lost brake is widely used in metallurgical machinery,constructive machinery,chemical machinery,food machinery,machine tool,printing machinery,packing machinery and in the fields to brake when a power-cut occurs.This brake has a number of advantages,such as: compact structure,easy installation,better adaption,low noise,high working frequency,sensitive action and  reliable braking,etc..It is one ideal modern automation equipment.


MTZ1 mainly consists of magnetic yoke,coil,armature,friction plate and other major parts.The material of magnetic yoke and armature is 10# steel(low carbon steel),and 8# steel for large brake.Coils commonly use the one of  heat-resisting class F.Friction plate is non-asbestos material with friction coefficient of above 0.5.

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