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Variable-speed Fluid Coupling

Model:YOTcs Box


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Working principles


The YOTcs variable speed fluid coupling developed and manufactured by our company is an export adjustment type, and it mainly consists of five parts:

  • Rotating part: driving parts (the pump, housing, input shaft), followers (the turbine, output shaft).
  • Oil inlet and discharge system
  • Fuel tank
  • Cooling system
  • Instrument & control system


The working chamber of the YOTcs variable speed fluid coupling is filled with a certain amount of working liquid which generally is No. 32 turbine oil. The driving of rotating part is association with the motor, and then the pump gets the mechanical energy from the motor. Mechanical energy transforms into liquid energy to drive the turbine through its vane to make the working liquid do relative motion and translational motion. Output shaft combines with working machine to transform the liquid energy into mechanical energy to drive the working machine, which can transfer the energy from the prime motor to working machine.


It can realize stepless speed regulation of the working machine by adjusting the tube opening size of the oil discharge system to change the injection quantity in the working chamber. Under constant motor speed condition, it can achieve stepless speed regulation of  the working machine to change the output power. There may be a slip in the process of speed regulation, when the transmission ratio i=0.66 and the maximum relative efficiency loss, η=97%. The working liquid would get heat, so there must be equipped with cooler to make the liquid cool, then transfer the liquid back to the working cavity before the oil supply system. The coupler can realize the automatic control by electric actuator, servo amplifier, automatic speed measuring device,  speed sensor, pressure sensor etc.



  • Improvement the start ability of squirrel-cage motor. The electromotor peak torque can be used as starting torque to avoid the unreasonable matching phenomenon.
  • To protect the motor and the working machine damage from overload.
  • To reduce vibration and shock in the starting.
  • In the process of multi-motor drive, it is able to ensure the motors starting respectively and  power balance to  reduce the impulse current of grid.
  • To set up the starting time of the working machine based on the operational requirements
  • Power saving effect is very significant for the stepless speed of the working machine whose rate can reach 20% 40%.
  • Easy to operate the working machine with remote control and automation control.
  • With Simple and reliable structure, no mechanical wear ,easy maintenance , long service life, and cheaper price than the variable frequency speed control and CST speed controlle.



  • The variable-speed coupling application is very wide in the machinery industry for some of them saving electricity, others for technological requirements.
  • Pumps: boiler feed pump, ash pump, delivery pump, condensate pump and water supply pump etc.
  • Fans: blower, induced fan, roots blower etc.
  • Others: crusher, centrifuge, sewage odor processor, belt conveyor, grab machine for dredging vessel, sintering mixing machine etc.

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