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Overseas Development Department can do for you?
International Trade

International Trade

1、Imports. Offering corresponding after-sale service and technical support,AOMENG is able to purchase overseas products in bulk to our domestic customers.

2、Exports. For Chinese enterprises who can provide qualified commodities meet overseas buyer’s needs, we will match and recommend them to you and take in charge of all the foreign trade process.

Transnational Agent

Transnational Agent

1、Foreign agent. with AOMENG authorization, foreign distributor can be the agent of Chinese brands.

2、Advertising promotion. As an agency of foreign brands to expand China even Asian market share and influence by doing some advertising promotion.

3、One-stop service. AOMENG is fully responsible for products transportation, sales and after-sale service. etc



1、Nearly one thousand domestic and foreign suppliers and purchasers on AOMENG website.

2、Equipped with perfect quality inspection system to guarantee high efficiency and high quality.

3、Orders tracking and efficient logistics service.

4、Safe third-party payment to secure your funds.

5、an excellent after-sale service system